Cross-recognition for Health and Safety pre-qualification in the NZ construction industry
Tōtika is currently in the process of onboarding member pre-qualification schemes and facilitating contractor registrations. Clients are welcome to register now, however the contractor listings will not be fully populated until early 2021.

NZ Industry Supplier Pre-Qualification Tōtika scheme


Health & Safety (H&S) pre-qualification assessments support procurement processes in New Zealand. Before Tōtika there was no common standard for prequalification resulting in a proliferation of proprietary and internal pre-qualification schemes. This creates significant inefficiency in the supply chain as suppliers have to repeatedly prequalify against different schemes and standards.  This repeated and duplicated effort wastes the time and money for both clients and contractors.

There is a strong desire within the industry (from both clients and contractors alike) for a common pre-qualification standard and streamlined pre-qualification process; Tōtika has been developed to deliver these outcomes.

Tōtika presents a common view of:

  • Contractors and suppliers - through a single supplier categorisation process 
  • Pre-qualification assessments - through the audit and grading of pre-qualification schemes
  • External assessment and certificate schemes – through recognition of ISO 45001 certification, Safe + onsite assessments, and Q-Safe certification.
  • Contractor and Supplier H&S standards - through the Tōtika core requirements and assessment standards.

Tōtika Buyers & Suppliers Portal


  • Annual Fee $1000
  • Search the register
  • Set up auto .csv import of the register
  • Access contractor/supplier information

Contractors and Suppliers

  • No registration fees
  • Quick and easy registration process
  • Find your supplier category
  • Understand accepted assessments and certifications
  • Upload key documents and set expiries

Contractors with supply chains

  • Annual Fee $1000
  • Both client and supplier functionality

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The information below is only applicable to those who operate pre-qualification schemes. This does not apply to suppliers or client organisations.

Tōtika Member Assessment Schemes

Organisations that wish to have their pre-qualification assessments recognised by Tōtika must be audited against the scheme standard by the scheme certification body (JAS-ANZ).

To apply for a Tōtika Member Scheme Grading Audit you must download and complete the following two forms:

Completed forms must be sent to:

JAS-ANZ will then send you a quotation for your audit and will book your audit once you have accepted the quotation for services.

The audit is comprised of:

  • Stage 1 - Submission of documentary evidence in accordance with the submitted checklist
  • Stage 2 – An on-site physical audit.

JAS-ANZ will submit a final audit report to Tōtika once they have received payment for their audit services.

Tōtika will subsequently make a decision on your Member Scheme Grading and will communicate the decision by email along with a link to enable you to register and pay the registration fee:

Member scheme registration fees:







Once you are registered as a member scheme you can export the outcomes of the pre-qualification assessments you undertake directly to Tōtika.