Cross recognition for Health & Safety pre-qualification in the construction industry

NZ Industry Supplier Pre-Qualification Tōtika scheme

Supplier Health & Safety (H&S) pre-qualification is a tool that supports procurement processes in New Zealand. Currently there are no common standards prequalification resulting in a proliferation of proprietary pre-qualification schemes. This creates significant inefficiency in the supply chain as suppliers have to repeatedly prequalify against different schemes and standards, which causes a continual drain, and wasted time and money for both suppliers and buyers.


There is currently no common standard for construction health and safety pre-qualification in New Zealand. The proliferation of proprietary pre-qualification schemes creates significant inefficiency in the supply chain as suppliers have to repeatedly pre-qualify against different schemes, providing information in different formats against different standards.

This creates a continual drain on resources and wasted time and money for both suppliers and purchasers. There is a strong desire within the industry (from both clients and contractors alike) for a common pre-qualification standard and streamlined pre-qualification process.

Purpose and Vision

The Purpose of the scheme is to provide confidence in Health & Safety prequalification standards, improve quality and timeliness of procurement processes and drive commercial value for the NZ public and construction industry buyers, suppliers, and assessment providers.

The Vision for the Tōtika Supplier Pre-qualification (Tōtika) Scheme is that it will actively contribute towards raising Health & Safety performance and standards across the industry.

Consultation Feedback

During July and August 2019 the Tōtika project entered a consultation phase.  This included a roadshow, webinars, social media communications, and data collection from all parts of the construction industry.

Download Totika Consultation Feedback


The main components are being developed collaboratively with key industry stakeholders.

These are:

  • An auditable standard for organisational and proprietary pre-qualification systems allowing them to be graded as Gold, Silver or Bronze.
  • Scheme rules for all participants
  • Supplier classification model
  • Core requirements and example questionnaires for each supplier class
    Tōtika web portal


The Build Phase of the project started in September 2019 and is expected to continue through to early 2020. Taking into account all feedback from the consultation phase, CHASNZ have finalised a model for Tōtika.

Download Totika Build Design Overview

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