Creating a more competent workforce and in turn driving a more efficient industry

Te whai kia pūkenga
ake te rangamahi, e nui ake ai te whaihua o ngā mahi

Assessing Health & Safety Competency

Why ConstructSafe

ConstructSafe is the solution to being able to assess Health & Safety competency within the construction industry in NZ.

In the same way that a driving licence proves the competency of a driver, ConstructSafe proves the health and safety competency of our workforce. It provides assurance that every worker on-site understands the same things, in order to carry out their jobs safely.

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ConstructSafe App

To make it easier for the industry to engage with ConsructSafe, an app has been developed that is easy to download and use.

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Sign up to ConstructSafe and join our community of Health & Safety conscious, responsible organisations, whilst having access to FREE training materials and bespoke information and insights into the capability and competency of your people.

ConstructSafe is a great place to start your Health & Safety journey. By putting the competency of your people first, you are helping us, as a nation, to be better by making Health & Safety a part of what we do, not something else to do.

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