Lead On.

Building Front Line Leaders for Safer Work

Our frontline leaders are the first line of protection, and the last line of defence on site

CHASNZ is working with industry to develop a safety in leadership programme to build the capacity and capabilities that our frontline need to lead the safe execution of work.

When completed, the programme will support and recognise the key role our frontline leaders have in making a difference on how work is done and will provide a framework for supervisors to develop leadership skills and capability for more effective onsite safety management.

We’re looking for 15 frontline supervisors to work with us on a trial to help us get this right and make sure it works

Register Your Frontline Leaders

Work with us to identify existing as supervisors who have a passion and enthusiasm for their work to help shape a programme to not only educate how to make work better, develop skillsets and develop leaders in safety, but also to expand career options.

Register as a Supervisor

Work with us to shape a programme to not only learn how to make work better, developing your skills and becoming a leader in safety, but also expand your career options.