A Catalyst For Change

CHASNZ, a catalyst for change – guiding our people and places in a different way to create better work, better lives and a better future.
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Who are CHASNZ?

In March 2018, a peak Health & Safety body was established, Construction Health & Safety New Zealand,
CHASNZ, a charitable Trust.

Creating consistency across health and safety standards

Lead On.

CHASNZ is working with industry to develop a safety in leadership programme to build the capacity and capabilities our frontline need to lead the safe execution of work.

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Work Should Not Hurt

Find information on the prevention and management of sprains and strains in the New Zealand Construction industry.

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Tōtika pre-qualification

Tōtika is a pre-qualification cross recognition scheme, providing New Zealand’s first comprehensive pre-qualified contractors list.

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Measuring Health and Safety

CHASNZ is currently working on a package of simple yet effective free tools. They will be used to gain an independent view as to how health and safety is perceived by the workforce and used as a tool to pinpoint risk areas and drive improvement.

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Data & Resources

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Supporting CHASNZ

Health and Safety is an important focus for all in the industry and there is a significant challenge in effecting the change necessary in coming years.

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