Tōtika Member Assessment Schemes

Tōtika is a cross-recognition scheme for Health and Safety pre-qualification.

If your business is operating a contractor/supplier pre-qualification scheme, you are welcome to apply to become a member scheme.

The scheme rules provide more detail on how Tōtika operates.

In order to become a member scheme, you will be required to initially undertake an independent audit.  The audit will be carried out by the scheme certifying body (JAS-ANZ).

The audit will be completed using the Tōtika Auditable Standard and Supporting requirements Documents:

To apply for a Tōtika Member Scheme Grading Audit you must download and complete the following two forms:

Completed forms must be sent to: sarah.wynn@jas-anz.org

JAS-ANZ will then send you a quotation for your audit and will book your audit once you have accepted the quotation for services.

The audit is comprised of:

  • Stage 1 - Submission of documentary evidence in accordance with the submitted checklist
  • Stage 2 – An on-site physical audit.

JAS-ANZ will submit a final audit report to Tōtika once they have received payment for their audit services.

Tōtika will subsequently make a decision on your Member Scheme Grading and will communicate the decision by email along with a link to enable you to register and pay the registration fee:

Member scheme registration fees:







Once you are registered as a member scheme you can export the outcomes of the pre-qualification assessments you undertake directly to Tōtika.

The following contractor/supplier information fields will be required in .csv format:

Accepted Field Formats
(Notes on field formats)


Company Category
ST (Sole Trader)
CAT 1 (Category 1)
CAT 2 (Category 2)
CAT 3 (Category 3)

Assessment Outcome
Developing (Developing – not yet meeting Tōtika Core Requirements)

Performing (Performing – meeting Tōtika Core Requirements

Date of Assessment
dd/mm/yyyy (Date field)

Assessment Expiry Date
dd/mm/yyyy (Date field, 2 years from assessment date for ST & Cat 11 year from assessment date for Cat 2 & Cat 3)

*All registered member scheme member can access and download the CSV directly from member database.