Tōtika Contractor & Supplier

Tōtika Contractor & Supplier

Registering with Tōtika is free.  It provides you with:

  • An easy way for clients and buyers of your services to recognise your chosen method to achieve pre-qualification
  • Information about what choices you have when you need to renew your pre-qualification
  • Access to your own portal page, so your information and any documents you choose to share can be updated.

During the registration process, you will be requested to answer a number of questions.From the information provided you will be given a contractor/supplier category:

  • Sole Trader - People who are contracting on their own.
  • Cat 1 – Small businesses (not on the high or very high primary work activity lists)
  • Cat 2 – Medium sized business or businesses with high health and safety risk associated with their main activity
  • Cat 3 – Large sized businesses or business with very high health and safety risk associated with their main business activity.

Details on the contractor/supplier grading process are available within the scheme rules document.

If you do not agree with the category you have been allocated you may submit an appeal.  Tōtika will consider this appeal and discuss the decision with you.

Tōtika registration is free and only takes a few minutes.  Simply click on the registration button, provide some basic information about your business, and answer a few simple questions.

The schemes operates in line with the Tōtika Scheme rules

When your current pre-qualification or certification expires in the future:

  • you will receive an automatic email notification; and on re-registration; and
  • you will be asked the categorization questions again; this is in case anything has changed since the business last registered.