Lead On.

Building Front Line Leaders for Safer Work

Register Your Frontline Leaders for Safer Workplaces

CHASNZ is working with industry to develop a safety in leadership programme to build the capacity and capabilities that our frontline need to lead the safe execution of work.

When completed, the programme will support and recognise the key role our frontline leaders have in making a difference on how work is done and will provide a framework for supervisors to develop leadership skills and capability for more effective onsite safety management.

We are in the early stages of building the wider programme and have identified a course that we think hits the mark.

Knowing that time and money are barriers to professional development, this course is designed to have minimal impact on the working day, with only four hours a week required with the tutor and learning groups. With this in mind, CHASNZ are sponsoring the course.

How can you help? 

We’re looking for 15 supervisors from across the sector, from any size business to trial the course and of course to let us know if we got it right (or not).

Professional development opportunities like this don’t come around often and spaces are limited.

Get in touch with us today to talk through any questions you have about the course, or the wider Lead On. programme.

Nominations close on 24th December 2021, the course commences 8th February 2022.

The fine print 

The programme is called Safety Leadership for Supervisors & Managers, run by Safety Futures, check it out here

It is aimed at those who are already leaders – supervisors, who want to take the next step, develop their careers, and grow their leadership skills, or people in your team that you see potential in and want to encourage them in their development.

On the course they will work as part of a group from across New Zealand, connecting with other supervisors around the world.

Time and commitment:

  • Twice a week for 10 weeks (starting 8th February 2022) 
  • Learning Lab - Every Tuesday from 0800-0930
  • Learning group - Every Thursday from 0800-0900 
  • A quiet space, with good wifi to participate in the training 
  • Fully supported by you as their manager and organisation
  • The course is ‘digitally enabled’ (a fancy way of saying e-learning).

Supervisors will be interacting with others online, have a designated tutor who is available for offline support and is workplace based learning. It’s a combination of selfpaced, focussed online content with interactive sessions and workplace “missions”, it's flexible and in short bursts – so they aren’t stuck in a classroom for days at a time or taken away from work. There are also exciting benefits about being on a course with people from around the world.

We know our industry has strong preconceptions about online training, and we don’t want people to be turned off by this approach.

For your frontline leader to successfully participate in this trial they will be:

  • In a frontline leadership role (they can be brand new, or have lots of experience)
  • A champion for good work
  • Willing to share learnings with CHASNZ, their team and organisation once the course is complete.
  • Most importantly, fully supported by you!

Want to know more?

We know it's easier to have a chat – so give us a call on 0800 242 769