Delivering consistency of health and safety standards in the construction industry.

Whakatipu (Data lake)

Using data to provide insight and action is not a new management science. In many other fields, such as banking, insurance, fraud detection and customer channel marketing, the use of predictive analytics is commonplace. However, in the field of health and safety, we have lagged! Typically organisations and regulators have relied on descriptive analytics such as injury rate trends and simply grouping similar injury types into categories. Albeit, tools we have used to describe what has happened have become more sophisticated, we have evolved from excel graphs to tools such as Power BI.

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Tōtika {Pre-qualification)

Supplier Health & Safety (H&S) pre-qualification is a tool that supports procurement processes in New Zealand. Currently there are no common standards prequalification resulting in a proliferation of proprietary pre-qualification schemes. This creates significant inefficiency in the supply chain as suppliers have to repeatedly prequalify against different schemes and standards, which causes a continual drain, and wasted time and money for both suppliers and buyers.

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