New Zealand’ first Construction Data Lake

Project Whakatipu

What is Project Whakatipu?

Using data to provide insight and action is not a new management science. In many other fields, such as banking, insurance, fraud detection and customer channel marketing, the use of predictive analytics is commonplace. However, in the field of health and safety, we have lagged! Typically organisations and regulators have relied on descriptive analytics such as injury rate trends and simply grouping similar injury types into categories. Albeit, tools we have used to describe what has happened have become more sophisticated, we have evolved from excel graphs to tools such as Power BI. However, these still do not harness the power of AI, machine learning and optimisation. We also know that many organisations have a wealth of data that could prove useful in creating predictive and prescriptive (what will happen and what you should do) models for understanding how to achieve better health and safety performance. This information is not only traditional health and safety information but also people and operational data. Project Whakatipu is an industry project to create a data lake asset for all New Zealand to benefit from. Organisations will share data in a safe, confidential way and therefore create a large data set (lake), from which data scientists will seek actionable insight around what matters in creating a healthier and safer construction industry.


Project Whakatipu Objectives

Project Whakatipu will initially conduct a proof of concept with a limited data set which will seek to show the power and use of the data lake concept and analytics approach. Success criteria for the pilot include; proving that organisations can share data with CHASNZ (a not for profit and non-Government organisation) safely and securely and showing that more actionable insight can be gained by using advanced analytic techniques than traditional health and safety reporting.The project will then be available for all organisations to share data with and research will be focussed on creating a Construction Health and Safety Index – essentially a predictive/prescriptive model that shows the relationship between positive health and safety outcomes and the things that drive it.A service will be created for all organisations who want a better understanding; what to focus on to achieve their health and safety goals. Project Whakatipu does not need to be restricted to the Construction industry, yet this is where we will start.

Supporting Project Whakatipu

Protection of anonymity and security – data shared with Project Whakatipu will be kept securely and not shared without the explicit permission of the donor.

National data asset – Project Whakatipu is not a commercial venture and designed for all organisations, public and private to benefit from. All funds collected will be channelled into research and building the asset.

Applied research – Project Whakatipu will focus on actionable insights which mean that priority will be given to enabling tangible change in the Construction industry.

Supporting Project Whakatipu

Support for Project Whakatipu is initially provided through a grant by ACC and by donation of funds and resources from industry.

Organisations that would like to invest and or join Project Whakatipu are welcome, please make contact with the CEO of CHASNZ, Chris Alderson

Discussion Forum

CHASNZ aims to set up a live discussion forum to capture your thoughts, suggestions and ideas.We will keep you updated on our progress.

Project Updates

Chris Alderson


For more information about supporting the New Zealand construction industry, contact Chris.
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