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How can I support CHASNZ?

CHASNZ is a charitable trust that you or your organisation can support through direct donations or through an enforceable undertaking.

Becoming a Partner

Partnership support for the industry is vital to our success! By entering into a partnership with CHASNZ, supporting organisations will be enabling continued work into improving wellness, health and safety across the 250,000 workers who make up the sector. Health and Safety is an important focus for all in the industry and there is a significant challenge in effecting the change necessary in coming years.
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Supporting the work we do is vital for the industry to achieve world-class health and safety performance.

Your donations are applied against our Strategic Process by Goals and help CHASNZ achieve its Aspirational Goals.

Your donations can remain anonymous or we will gladly profile your support on our website, displaying your logo and organisation details.

Enforceable Undertaking

What is an Enforceable Undertaking (EU)? You can apply for an EU to support the work CHASNZ undertakes on behalf of the industry. In particular, EUs applied to CHASNZ support the Wider Industry or Sector requirement.

EUs can be for a specific project that CHASNZ undertakes e.g.:
Topcoat Specialist Coatings Limited
McConnell Dowell Constructors Limited
EUs can also be applied strategically against the CHASNZ Strategy and Initiatives to support CHASNZ Aspirational Goals.

Chris Alderson


For more information about supporting the New Zealand construction industry, contact Chris.
Phone: 021 473 757