COVID-19 Tools & Resources

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COVID-19 Worker Flowchart | Contact Type Definitions

This flowchart will inform you of the five COVID-19 Contact Types and Definitions. This document also contains the COVID-19 Contact Classification Process, by outlining what a Worker should do.

Download the COVID-19 Worker Flowchart here
MATES in Construction NZ | Working during COVID-19 resources

Make sure to check in on your mates today. The change in New Zealand's COVID-19 Alert levels may have some serious impacts on the mental health of your friends, colleagues and family. MATES in Construction is full of great resources for those in the industry struggling with mental wellbeing. Get in touch with them if you or someone you know is finding it hard to cope.

Download the Self-Care Guide here Download the Working During COVID-19 Guide here Download the 5 Steps to Help Manage Stress here
Locations, Registration and Exemptions: a new process for travel during a resurgence of COVID-19

COVID-19: Business travel across Alert Level Boundaries. An Alert Level Boundary separates areas that are at Alert Level 3 from the rest of New Zealand. This helps stop the spread of COVID-19.

Learn more about the Locations, Registration and Exemptions hereHow to get your form for commuting across regional boundaries
Residential Construction Protocols

These protocols outline the minimum standards to be implemented at residential construction sites to manage risk of COVID-19 transmission on site.

Download Level 2 ProtocolsDownload Level 3 Protocols
Vertical and Horizontal Protocols

These protocols and attachments are to be read in conjunction with the COVID-19 - Standard for New Zealand Construction Operations and reflect the requirements in the standard may be achieved.

Download Level 2 ProtocolsDownload Level 3 Protocols
Display Home Protocols

These protocols relate to Residential Construction Display Home and Selection Centre Limited Operation.

Download Level 2 ProtocolsDownload Level 3 Protocols
Residential and Trades: What To Expect

We have developed this one-page guide for clients you can use when asked questions about COVID-19 and what controls should be in place.

Download Now
Alert Level 2: Site Operating Instructions Poster

This Site Operating Instructions Poster can be used on your site during COVID-19 Alert Level 2

Download Poster
COVID-19 Residential and Trades Update: Monday 25 August

Update Monday 25 August: Over the last two weeks, we have seen the construction industry get in and do the right thing during these trying times. Particularly in Auckland, our people have quickly reverted to the procedures put in place to protect us all when chances of COVID-19 community transmission are higher.

Download Update
Government Gatherings Rules Under COVID-19 Alert Levels

CHASNZ has received queries from industry regarding the current Alert Level settings relating to gathering sizes at the workplace.  

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Alert Level 2: Display Site Operating Instructions Poster

These Display Site Operating Instructions Poster can be used on your site during COVID-19 Alert Level 2

Download Poster
Alert Level 3: Site Operating Instructions Posters

These Site Operating Instructions Poster can be used on your site during COVID-19 Alert Level 3

Download Site InfographicDownload Site Poster
COVID-19 Site Sign In Register

This sign in register can be downloaded and printed for use in your workplace.

Download PDF
ConstructSafe Assessment updates

We have opened up the ConstructSafe platform to provide a portal and app with more functionality including a “report in ” and “track and trace” function for businesses during all COVID-19 Alert levels.

Visit to register, or click below to watch a few short videos on how to get setup on the ConstructSafe app.

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Alert Level 1: Site Operating Instructions Posters

These Display Site Operating Instructions can be used on your site during COVID-19 Alert Level 1

COVID-19 Site Poster

COVID-19 Site Infographic Poster

COVID-19 Display Site Poster

Canterbury Safety Charter | Short safety videos

Paul Duggan of Canterbury Safety Charter has produced these short video series on the main points of the COVID-19 protocols.

Watch on Youtube
Guidance for Builders and Contractors

Concrete NZ has prepared these guidelines to assist builders and contractors with ordering and the delivery of ready mixed concrete to building sites. Please feel free to share this document with your membership.

Download PDF
Sanitiser Station services

The perfect sanitiser dispenser for all NZ businesses with foot pedal operation you can ensure clean hands from everyone entering your premise or work site. Orders to

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Webinar (24 Apr) Returning To Work Under COVID-19 Restrictions

This webinar hosted on 24 April discusses latest updates on returning to work at COVID-19 Level 3

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Webinar (20 Apr) Returning to work under COVID-19 restrictions

NZCIC hosted an informative webinar today where Chris Alderson, CEO CHASNZ went through the COVID-19 standards and protocols in detail, answering questions and providing clarity for the industry.

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IMPAC | COVID-19 Return to work guide

IMPAC is a world-class provider of workplace health and safety and have developed a suite of FREE resources, including a one hour eLearning session to help you with your return to work planning.

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Services from Approach Signs

CHASNZ is helping our industry people connect with what they need during the COVID19 pandemic.

Download Signage Examples
What COVID-19 challenges are faced by safety managers?

Primary research by The Culture Effect relating to Health & Safety Managers & Organisations.

Download ArticleDownload Poster
How are organisations responding to COVID-19?

Primary research by The Culture Effect relating to Health & Safety Managers & Organisations.

Download ArticleDownload Poster
Central Interceptor - COVID-19 Response Case Study

Bronwyn Struthers - Head of Health, Safety & Wellbeing for Watercare and Duane Rogers - Health & Safety Manager for GAJV discuss the Watercare Central Interceptor project and their response plan to COVID-19

Watch Video Here
Alert Level 3: How businesses will determine if they should operate

24 March 2020: This document provided by MBIE outlines key messages for the shift in approach under Alert Level 3

Download PDF
Your Guide to Perfect PPE

Make sure you’re following PPE requirements by following these steps

Download Online VersionDownload Print Version
COVID-19 Visitor Health Declaration Form

As part of Pandemic preparedness and our commitment to health, safety and wellbeing, visitors and contractors should answer the questionnaire as part of their condition of entry to site as part of the Visitor Approval Process.

Download PDFDownload Word
COVID-19 Site Checklist

This site checklist can be downloaded and printed for use in your workplace.

Download PDF
Client Leadership Framework - COVID19 version

The purpose of this document is to provide guidance to clients to enable work alongside contractors to redeploy in an orderly and well-managed sequence during the COVID outbreak. This resource is intended to encourage clients to gain a better understanding of what their supply chains need to do to.

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Safe365 | Free Checklists

Safe365's checklist tool and pre-loaded templates, enable businesses to meet these requirements in practical terms in a workforce friendly manner, using their own smartphone device (which is safer than communal check-in/out processes).

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