Client Leadership Framework Tool

This is a free online diagnostic tool. The results will help you to understand your company and learn how to improve your company’s leadership framework

What is the Client Leadership Framework Tool?

Client behaviour and engagement (leadership) is a strong influencer of health and safety across construction sites. This tool is a self-assessment for a client organisation to evaluate how the client is performing across a number of elements. The results of the tool will should be used to form initiatives and strategies to improve the leadership of construction supply chains.

Each element of the tool is rated from detracting to enhancing the health and safety in its supply chains. The tool is designed to be used by client organisations to evaluate where future improvements in client leadership can be made and should best be undertaken by a person or consensus with persons knowledgeable about how the client is engaging with its construction supply chain.

All submissions are confidential to the organisation but the participants agree that data can be used by CHASNZ for research purposes and for the purposes of combining data for form benchmarks that can be used by industry.

To undertake the tool please fill out the fields below and you will directed to the question set. Upon completion of the tool you will be sent the report. Please contact with any feedback or issues.

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Client Leadership Framework Tool

We have provided a Client Leadership Framework companion information pack, download it here. . This resource can be used in conjunction with the tool which is available on this page.