WorkSafe | Whakaiti Kino service and utility strike harm reduction project

Whakaiti Kino uses the #BetterWorkNZ website to pull together ideas that people can discuss and share with each other. Their website enables anyone to put forward an idea about how industry can be improved, the way we work and reduce harm to workers when underground services and utilities are hit during construction activity.

There are three focus areas for the challenge:

·Technology - How might we use technology to consolidate existing information and capture unknown information into a single source of truth - all while keeping it updated?

·Common Standards - How might we develop a standard that all sectors will be held to, and how might we monitor adherence to that standard?

·Supporting workers - How might we enable workers to have the information that tells them what services are where and give them the time to work around them safely?

Submit an idea and then vote on other ideas, or just vote.  Don't forget to comment on other people's ideas too to help them flesh out their thinking.  Ideas will need 20 votes to get to the next stage.

Entries close: 23 April 2021

Voting closes: 7 May 2021

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