Webinar with Dr. Matt Hallowell: Measuring Success Not Failure – moving to measures that make a difference

Dr. Matthew Hallowell is the Founder and Executive Director of the Construction Safety Research Alliance (CSRA) and an Endowed Professor of Construction Engineering at the University of Colorado.

Join us to hear Dr. Hallowell, one of the leading researchers in construction safety, discuss moving from injury frequency rates to measures that help identify and prevent harm, including:

// Why there is no discernable association between Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) and fatalities
// That the occurrence of recordable injuries is almost entirely random
// Why TRIR is not precise and should not be communicated to multiple
decimal points of precision
// Why in nearly every practical circumstance, it is statistically invalid to use TRIR to compare companies, business units, projects, or teams
// The new concept called the “The energy wheel”, a simple set of reminders to search for hazards that are commonly overlooked.

// Dr. Matthew Hallowell
// Chris Alderson
// Jon Harper-Slade

When:  Thursday 18th May
Time:    1pm - 2pm
Location: Zoom (register below)

This webinar will be recorded and posted online the week of the 22nd May.

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