WEBINAR: Reducing Risk by Measuring and Addressing Psychosocial Issues

Psychosocial issues are proven to increase the risk of accidents and injuries, wellbeing problems, worker absenteeism and churn.

SaferMe is delivering a new world-leading safety product that helps businesses predict accidents and injuries by highlighting areas of high risk in real time.

SaferMe’s foundation piece of work is backed and funded as part of ACC’s Workplace Injury Prevention innovation programme. Along with the support of CHASNZ & Civil Contractors NZ they have developed a tool for measuring psychosocial issues through multi-factoral analysis of individual worker risk using a set of risk factors that are proven to contribute to higher risk of accident and injury.

We're inviting you to join our live webinar where we will discuss SaferMe's research and development of the tool and share valuable findings from their data and show how businesses can start their own project.


// Chris Alderson (CHASNZ)
Jon Harper-Slade (CHASNZ)
Mike Steere (SaferMe)
Dr Steve Cantwell (SaferMe)

When:  Thursday 30th March
1PM - 2PM
Zoom (register below)

This webinar will be recorded and posted online on the 31st of March.

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