Tōtika | COVID-19 Assurance Listing Service

Tōtika have provided a simple new feature for contractors and suppliers to upload a signed ‘COVID-19 Statement of Assurance’.

This COVID-19 ‘self-certified’ status will appear within the Tōtika listing service provided to our registered clients, buyers of services, or other leaders of supply chains.  

In addition to this, any supplier of services or contractor who uploads a properly completed and signed ‘COVID-19 Statement of Assurance’, will also appear on a free COVID-19 Compliance listing service.

Want to learn more about pre-qualification and Tōtika?

"Tōtika was designed to streamline the health and safety pre-qualification process for the construction sector. Prior to its development, there was no common standard and suppliers had to pre-qualify through various different schemes – creating inefficiency in the supply chain. The new system aims to simplify the process and create one standard for all health and safety pre-qualification across the construction sector – where suppliers only have to complete the process once for all buyers of their services. As part of the Construction Sector Accord’s Towards High Performance webinar series, the Accord partnered with Construction Health and Safety New Zealand (CHASNZ) to discuss the new system and its impact on the sector." Watch the webinar here.

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