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As FAQs continue, here's a sample of the most common FAQs to date. More FAQ's for the Traffic Lights system are coming soon.

Q What period would be reasonable to request sub-contractors to provide a negative COVID-19 test?

A Negative PCR test within 72 hours of coming on site has been an approach used in other situations. On a weekly basis the test could take place on a twice weekly basis. 

Q Which increased surveillance would you suggest?

A Other surveillance methods using RAT testing will become more common and time efficient as well as simple health declarations - ensuring and reminding workers they are well. 


Q Do you refer to unvaccinated workers or the whole site where a risk assessment has been carried out and the site/activity does not require vaccination to be mandated - additional controls for non-vaccinated sites should be implemented?

A It is intended that if vaccinated and unvaccinated workers are intermingling on the same site then controls should apply to the whole site as their is an increased risk of transmission for all. 


Q On the 'Stop this is a vaccinated site' poster, it mentions “Please prepare to present My Vaccine Pass or complete the My Vaccine Pass Declaration on Sign in”.

Is there a link to the Vaccine Pass Declaration on sign in or do we make our own one?

A There is no official declaration and use of the CVC  is recommended - however if a declaration is used it could be added to sign in as a term and condition of entry that the person agrees to. The signage is simply guidance that businesses may choose to use or not. 


Q: Why does MOH refer to the 15 minute time of work within physical distancing?

A: The intended use of the 15 minute rule by MOH was to take into account accidental encounters where people in the workplace unintentionally come into contact. It is not permission to do jobs without physical distancing for less than 15 minutes without controls in place. WorkSafe endorse these protocols and expect all to comply with them, more information here.

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