The lockdown period may have given some much needed downtime to many, but as we gradually start the process of returning to work and get used to more new protocols, MATES want to make sure that wellbeing and conversations around mental health are at the top of the list at your toolbox talks. As you head back onto site you may see some of the team struggle or be anxious about what is happening. Working with MATES you have already started the journey toward better mental health on site, you have the tools in your toolkit and this induction pack includes some helpful reminders to use when guiding the conversation on site.

The Lunch Room is open to everyone in the Construction Industry looking to get together with your mates for a chat during the COVID-19 crisis. Join MATES for support, information and kōrero during this uncertain time.  Meetings are available daily 1pm and it's very easy to join. All you need to do is hit the register now button and select a time. The group will be meeting online via Zoom.

Join the MATES team on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8:30am to start the day with an easy to follow FREE workout.

Lastly, the Guide to Mental Health in Construction for Managers, is a short document that talks about the why, what and how of mental health across the industry. This document can be shared across organisations to help support those who are supervising their teams better understand and help workers dealing with mental health issues.  

Download the Mental Health Toolbox Guide