Improving H&S Inductions with ImmerSAFEme

Working towards safer workplaces

Engineering consultancy Beca recognises that the health and safety record of New Zealand’s building sites is an industry wide issue and has pulled health and safety into the modern age using virtual reality (VR) to improve health and safety construction site inductions. Beca have developed an immersive VR module that can be used across the whole construction industry, supported by an ACC workplace injury prevention grant.

A Health and Safety induction is often the first introduction to a site, it's hazards, and it's safety culture.  An induction describes the site hazards, and the controls around those hazards in clear and memorable manner so that inductees can keep themselves and others safe while on site.  Traditional induction methods often fall short, typically failing to engage with and be relevant to the trainee.  This means key safety messages are either never learned or else quickly forgotten and sadly relegates these inductions to box ticking exercises that provide little value for either the trainee or the trainers.


ImmerSAFEme makes a step change to the delivery of site inductions through its innovative delivery of H&S content in an engaging, relevant, accessible and efficient manner using VR. 

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