Fly the Flag for your MATES on World Suicide Prevention Day

"Are you okay?" is a simple question that holds a lot of meaning.

10 September is World Suicide Prevention Day. Make sure to not only fly the flag but also to check-in regularly on your friends and workmates on their mental health and wellbeing.

This year has been an anomaly thanks to COVID-19.

MATES in Construction are doing a great job in making resources available to everyone in building and construction, but there's even more we can all be doing. Such as regularly sharing all of the extensive resources of Mates in Construction, making time to talk chat with everyone in our workforce, and more.

What is Fly the Flag?

Fly the Flag is for the construction industry to show support, and raise awareness about mental health and suicide prevention. The message is about taking the time out of a day to remind each other to notice when our mates may be struggling and that it’s not only OK to have these conversations, but essential and important! This is about letting the greater community know that MATES in Construction is committed to looking out for our mates!

How do I get my site involved?

Flying the MATES flag shows your support and raises awareness of suicide prevention in the industry. It is a display to the broader community that the construction industry is actively involved in the prevention of suicide.

Organise an event to happen during the week of Fly the Flag 7th – 11th September.

Have a BBQ on-site or have a chat at a toolbox talk highlighting it's ok to look after your mental health and wellbeing and to talk to each other about it.

Share your Fly the Flag event on social media using the hashtag #flytheflag2020.

Share the message through your own networks to show that you are taking part, to help raise awareness and prevent suicide in our industry.

Talk to your local MPs and councilors to encourage them to acknowledge the changes we are making in our industry.

Click here to see how you can fly the flag