Construction Sector Accord | Accord welcomes COVID-19 Protection Framework and is working on new 'roadmap' for construction

Working with industry and CHASNZ, the Accord has developed a Roadmap which would allow the construction sector and related activities to operate as safely as possible in all but the most extreme circumstances and it regards the COVID-19 Protection Framework (CPF) as consistent with the Roadmap approach.

If the three Auckland DHBs do not rapidly reach 90% double vaccination for the eligible population, and a move to the CPF is delayed, the Accord seeks more immediate changes for the construction sector. These would be supported by the safe working protocols in the Accord Roadmap:

  • Relaxed physical distancing requirements for double vaccinated workers
  • Easing of travel restrictions, including an expansion of the definition of "nationally important infrastructure”
  • Allowing more movement to access tools/materials on either side of an Alert Level boundary

“The Accord supports the strategy set out today to minimise and protect, and the sector is providing strong leadership to support the shift from elimination to suppression of COVID-19. However, the sector wants to see urgency in freeing up activity and movement where it is safe to do so, particularly in Auckland,” said Dean Kimpton, the Accord’s Transformation Director.

Learn more about the Accord Roadmap here.

CHASNZ are currently working to align the New Zealand COVID-19 Construction Protocols with the new COVID-19 Protection Framework.

The Government has announced the next stage of the COVID-19 response plan to provide a pathway out of lockdown and give vaccinated New Zealanders more freedom. The CPF introduces a new flexible 3-level approach to managing COVID-19 in the community:

  • Green aims to allow almost normal social and economic activity while continuing to build health system capacity
  • Orange aims to avoid exponential growth in cases with moderate population level controls, and 
  • Red aims to protect the sustainability of the health system and the health of communities through population-level controls. 

COVID-19 Public Health Response Act 2020 retains the power to put in place wider lockdowns, as for Alert Levels 3 and 4, if pressure on the health system becomes unmanageable, or if there are new variants that evade our protection from immunity. 

Next Steps

  • Late-October: Further details provided on the implementation of COVID-19 vaccination certificates, including any primary legislation to enable CVCs to be used as anticipated.
  • Mid-November: Further details developed on progress for the transition plan for Auckland and the rest of NZ. 

Throughout November: 

  • Further advice developed on new testing, tracing and isolation strategies.
  • Further advice developed on potential new approach to economic supports. 
  • Further work on a revised approach to welfare and community-based supports, including food and other essential wellbeing provisions. 
  • Ongoing: Work continues in operational readiness for a switch to the new approach and its new implementation. 

More information can be found here.

[Updated 22.10.21]

Download the COVID-19 Protection Framework (CPF) here