Civil Contractors New Zealand | Tōtika makes pre-qualification of H&S capabilities easier

Tōtika is live, streamlining the pre-qualification process for buyers and suppliers in the New Zealand construction and civil infrastructure industries.

The new scheme, launched by Construction Health & Safety New Zealand (CHASNZ), provides a uniform and easy-to-use framework for supplier health and safety pre-qualification.

Before Tōtika, suppliers had to pre-qualify against a variety of different schemes and standards, taking a considerable amount of time for suppliers, reducing the number tender bids received by clients and creating inefficiency in the supply chain.

The new scheme simplifies the process, providing one universal standard for health and safety and a fair and equitable cross-recognition framework that recognises external audits of suppliers as an alternative to traditional pre-qualification assessments.

Civil Contractors New Zealand Technical Manager Stacy Goldsworthy said CCNZ was supportive of the scheme because of its potential to improve the quality of the pre-qualification process while also saving clients and contractors time and money.

“Tōtika has huge potential to make the pre-qualification process cheaper and quicker for everyone without absolving buyers and their clients of their responsibility for health and safety.”

Learn which external assessments and certificates are recognised