CHASNZ | Tōtika - Health & Safety Pre-qualification | Would you like to save time and money?

Before Tōtika, there was no common standard for pre-qualification creating inefficiencies due to suppliers having to repeatedly pre-qualify against different schemes and standards. This repeated and duplicated effort wasted time and money for both clients and contractors. There is a strong desire within industry for a common pre-qualification standard and a streamlined pre-qualification process; Tōtika was developed to deliver on these outcomes.

Tōtika is not another pre-qualification scheme

Tōtika was developed to help standardise the health and safety pre-qualification process.  It brings pre-qualification systems together under one umbrella creating a fair scheme making the process cheaper and quicker for everyone, with the objective that suppliers only need to pre-qualify once!

What is Tōtika?

Tōtika creates a fair and equitable scheme with:
o   One universal standard
o   One cross recognition framework for pre-qualification assessments
o   Recognition of external assessment and certificate schemes
o   It is an evolution in streamlining H&S pre-qualification for the procurement purposes
o   Tōtika is not for profit, any surplus after costs will be used for the benefit of industry

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