COVID-19 Residential and Trades Update: Monday 25 August

Over the last two weeks, we have seen the construction industry get in and do the right thing during these trying times. Particularly in Auckland, our people have quickly reverted to the procedures put in place to protect us all when chances of COVID-19 community transmission are higher.

The recent cluster outbreak has reminded us just how quickly this disease can spread and that we can’t drop our guard. It is also a timely reminder that we can’t get complacent about our Covid-19 health and safety controls either. We need the whole industry to pull together and do the right thing to maintain public and government confidence in our ability to work safely during these heightened risk levels.

The Alert level protocols and tools and resources, developed by our industry and available on, provide a standard way of managing COVID-19 in our construction related businesses. The establishment of these protocols were a key part of getting Government support for our industry to work at Alert Level 3.

We know that most businesses have been doing a good job in applying the protocols but we are aware that it is a constant challenge to maintain them over time, especially if workers see other businesses or even members of the public not applying a similar high standard.

To better help construction businesses understand and apply the protocols, we have developed some simple check sheets that you can use on site or when going to a workplace. These will help you to be confident you are doing the right thing.

You can use these check sheets when explaining how you are controlled COVID-19 to clients, visitors, building inspectors or even WorkSafe. They do not replace the protocols but help make it easier to check you are doing it right every day.

You can access these check online sheets below:

Download "Weekly COVID-19 Protocols Checklist - Level 2"
Download "Weekly COVID-19 Protocols Checklist - Level 3"

We have also had questions from clients around what they should be expecting from their builder or tradesperson. We have developed this one-page guide for clients you can use when asked questions about COVID-19 and what controls should be in place.

Download "What to Expect at Levels 2 and 3" Checklist

Clients can access further information online about what to expect during Alert Levels 3 and 2 from my builder or tradesperson here and they are attached to this update.

If you do have concerns about protocols not being followed you can forward these issues to

Key contacts:


Site Safe:

Registered Master Builders Association:

New Zealand Certified Builders Association:

Master Plumbers:

Specialist Trade Contractors Federation:

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