Auckland Transport | Traffic Management Plans (TMP)

On Sunday 6 March, 2016 an individual died at the scene of a motor vehicle incident on Mullins Rd, Papakura after their car went off the road and through a wooden fence.

The section of road had recently undergone routine surface repairs and aftercare TTM was in place. KEY LEARNINGS

There continues to be a significant proportion of worksites where the TMP is non-existent or in this case significantly deficient for the work and / or the road environment. The consequence of this is that those implementing the TTM controls on site are often obliged to take increased risks in order for the work to carry on (albiet non- compliantly).

It is well documented, and supported by evidence, that the chances of failure is significantly increased with a poor (or no) plan.

The recently published Coroners Certificate of Findings further supports this with the following comments:
“As this case illustrates, road works – even those deemed to be ‘low risk routine maintenance works’ by those responsible for them – pose potential risks for road users and temporary traffic management arrangements that comply fully with the Code of Practice for Temporary Traffic Management (CoPTTM) are an essential part of road safety at all roadworks.” The coroner went on to say that “Those implementing such plans (TMPs) must do so in accordance with the plans”. FURTHER ACTIONS

Please take immediate and ongoing action to ensure your worksites have Traffic Management Plans that are:
• Compliant fully with the CoPTTM
• Approved prior to work commencing
• Appropriate for all phases of the work and road environment
• Appropriately monitored to ensure ongoing compliance. REMINDER

Please distribute and communicate this Safety Alert to all team members, and ensure all controls are in place are effective to prevent this type of incident reoccurring.

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