Auckland Transport | Health and Safety pre-qualification

If you wish to undertake contract works or services for Auckland Transport (AT), where Health & Safety (H&S) risk is considered to be medium or high, you will need to be H&S prequalified via the Construction Health and Safety NZ (CHASNZ) Tōtika Scheme.

For you as a Supplier, there is no fee charged to join the Tōtika Scheme. To find out how to join Tōtika please visit the following:

Tōtika Scheme - NZ Industry Supplier Pre-Qualification (

If you are, as a part of your current contract with AT, maintaining an ISN subscription, we will require you to transition to Tōtika prior to 1 October 2021. If your ISN subscription expires after 1 October 2021, we will honour your health and safety status until the expiration of your subscription, however we still require you to register to Tōtika from 1 October 2021.

Health and Safety policies and procedures
See the policies and procedures that have been completed to align with Auckland Transport’s health and safety framework.

Health & safety (

Find out how to join Tōtika