ACC Grants & Subsidies

ACC is investing $22 million over the next five years into workplace injury prevention grants and subsidies to help make health and safety improvements at workplaces. Workplace Injury Prevention Grants focus on developing health and safety solutions and sharing learning. The grants are a co-investment that provide organisations or a group of organisations to develop new or improved solutions to reduce workplace health and safety risks for multiple businesses in a sector or supply chain. The grants support organisations to run research, innovation and sector-wide capability development projects and promote sector leadership with the objective of sharing knowledge across multiple organisations. Workplace Injury Prevention Subsidies are for small to medium businesses (typically 6 – 99 employees) to help them access specific solutions to health and safety problems.

These subsidies promote and co-funds products and services available in the market which is known to be effective interventions for reducing significant workplace health and safety risks. The first round of subsidies will be available to the construction and the healthcare and social assistance sectors – both sectors have workplaces where there are high risks of injury. Subsidies for businesses and workplaces in other sectors will be offered in the future. For any businesses who had taken part in the co-investment trial, they’re welcome to apply again.

Click here to download the guidelines to help you complete your application