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What is ConstructSafe?

Specialist Trade & Occupation Assessments

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Foundation H&S Knowledge Assessment

This is an assessment for everybody in the NZ building and construction industry. This assessment is based on the foundation H&S standard and covers what everyone must know and do to be safe for themselves and each other.

Professionally qualified occupations

A suite of assessments aligned to the H&S aspects of occupations that support the building and construction industry (e.g. Engineers & Designers, Client Based Professionals, and H&S Practitioners.


This is an assessment based on the industry H&S standard for those people who may have management responsibility for multiple trades and/or multiple sites/and or large sites or projects. This assessment is also aimed at owners of small construction businesses.

Specialist Trades and Occupations

A suite of assessments aligned to the health and safety aspects of the main trades and occupations in the industry.


An assessment aligned to the industry H&S standard for coal face leaders (e.g.leading hands, foremen). Specifically aimed at site based leaders of small teams of construction workers.

In-field Assessment

Those with a trade assessment pass may receive ‘infield’ assessments from their foreman or supervisor. Assessments are done through theConstructSafe App. Supervisors and foremen can apply to be an assessor through the ConstructSafe app.

How is industry utilising the ConstructSafe scheme?

Derek Toner

Lead Technical Trainer,

Derek Toner tells us how ConstructSafe gives them assurance of their workforce competency right from the guys on the ground, right up to management.